Saturday, March 11, 2017

2017 Disney Princess Enchanted 10k

In truth, the 10k may be my favorite distance; combine that with the magic of Disney's Princess Half Marathon weekend and I am one happy runner!  This year, I was running the Glass Slipper Challenge (10k plus half marathon) as a charity runner for Catch A Lift Fund (check them out, they are amazing).  So, I decided to run the 10k all decked out in the stars and stripes!  With a 5 AM start time, this was the second of three early mornings, but upon arrival the starting area was a sea of people with an upbeat atmosphere.
With my princess twin Christina!
After some costume viewing, I headed off to my corral (same spot as the 5k) to get ready for the start.  If you're running the Glass Slipper Challenge, they recommend you take this one easy so that you have enough gas in the tank to get through the half the following day.  With that in mind and a few fireworks, we were off and running!  This route actually has one "significant" hill (by Florida standards) early in the route where you're running on roads before you enter Epcot.
When you enter Epcot, you're about half way there.  You enter the World Showcase first and then cross a few bridges to run around the Boardwalk.  This part always makes me a little nervous because it's running on a wooden pier (there are signs that remind you to be careful because the wood is almost always wet).  Thankfully, I did not fall and break my face.  You make your way toward the front entrance and then finish close to the start in the parking lot.

Even though it was a longer distance, we actually got back on the bus and to the hotel faster than the 5k the previous day because there was a bus ready and waiting the minute I was ready (medal, snack, and stretch of course).  That was great because we had a big day at Animal Kingdom planned. I was really pleased with how this one went; took it plenty easy and felt like I would be ready for the half the next day.
I LOVE this medal!
The Bottom Line:
Run This Race If: You want a really fun 10k all full of entertaining things to look at (and take pictures with). Like any Disney race, there are some logistical challenges, but totally worth it if you're a fan.
Course: Loop course (mostly) on mostly paved roads in parking lots, roads, and through the park.  Watch out for the wet pier at the Boardwalk, but other than one noteworthy incline, almost entirely flat.
What Makes It Unique: Disney + Princess + Running = winning in my book.  The 10k is a fantastic distance full of entertainment along the way.  Plus, it's part of the Glass Slipper Challenge (if you register for that option).
Cost: Pricey ($120 for the 10k, $340 for the Glass Slipper Challenge)
Would I Do It Again: For sure! I've run every single one and have no plans of stopping any time soon!

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  1. I've read so many recaps of this race and it just sounds like a blast! I'm glad you had fun and would do it again!