Saturday, August 20, 2016

Lindsay Loves Sweaty Bands

Few things make me crazier when I'm running than hair in my face.  Seriously drives me nuts.  And I have all these little baby hairs all around my face I once heard called "angel hairs," but anyone who has them know that they are really demon hairs.  So I don't mess around when it comes to tying back  my tresses.  I've tried multiple options, but I'll tell you right now that nothing has worked better for me than Sweaty Bands.
One of my favorites - a 5/8 inch width.
The bands fit my head perfectly.  They do have a "petite collection" for those with smaller heads or kids.  My mom tried them and said they felt too small for her head, but she's the first one I've heard say this.  Silver lining there was that she gave me the bands she bought!  There are several different widths to choose from (my favorites are the 3/8, 5/8, and 1 inch) and often multiple color combinations for each design.  The magic to these bands is the velvet lining that locks them like Velcro in your hair.
It's annoying to have to shift your clothes or gear around mid-run, but these don't budge.  I did six hot miles with a friend last weekend and she commented that my hair/Sweaty Band was in exactly the same place as when we started.  Sweaty Bands don't come cheap - depending on the width they run anywhere between $12-$18 each.  However, they often have sales and deals.
Confession, this isn't even half of the Sweaty Bands I own.  I may have a problem!
I'm telling you, I don't run without them and over the years, I have accumulated quite the collection.  A girl has to have options that will match every outfit right?  They have great styles and new ones are coming out all the time.  They also do custom bands!  Part of why I've amassed such stockpile is that they really last.  I threw my first one out just last month because the elastic finally gave out ... after 8 years.  I'm not gentle with them either.  The website advises that you hand wash and "drip dry."  I put them in a delicates bag and toss them in my washing machine with my laundry, and then hang the whole bag on my drying rack.
Functional and pretty; that's a winning combination!  Sweaty Bands are more accessible now than ever - online, at numerous expos, and even in local running stores.  Give them a try and I feel confident they will help you keep running happy and focused on more important things than pulling the hair out of your eyes.  And in case you are wondering, I have not been asked to write this review nor have I been compensated to do so - they are just THAT good!

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