Thursday, July 28, 2016

RunDisney Makes 5k Medals "Metal"

RunDisney keeps the medal surprises coming this week!  That makes me one happy runner girl.  With a communication release to keep making updates to their races based on runner feedback, we have learned two things today:

1. RunDisney is going to start making their race programs available digitally
2. Starting with the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend, 5k races will now receive metal medals (exception, Disneyland Paris 5k will still have a rubber "medallion")

Disneyland 5k, Mickey's Holiday 5k, and Captain America 5k Medals (runDisney)
Of course this has resulted in a swirl of commentary from avid Disney runners.  As you might expect, some are happy, some are disappointed that they will no longer receive the colorful, rubber "medallions" that used to accompany 5k race completions.

I'll be honest, I've never run a Disney 5k race, in part because I have not been a fan of the rubber medallions.  Call me a medal snob, but it just hasn't seemed worth it to me.  Now .... well runDisney may have found yet another way to get to me.  I mean, the idea of going to the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend and NOT walking away with a real Beauty and the Beast themed medal ... I just don't think I could stand it!

Well played runDisney, well played.  If this is what's in store for your upgrades over 2016-2017, I'm pretty excited to see more.  For anyone thinking that earning a runDisney "medal" was previously unattainable, think again!  Put these great races on your calendars and run happy!

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