Sunday, July 31, 2016

Road ID - Run with Peace of Mind

Alright, if you're going to go out into the world and run, you are going to have to accept that occasionally, bad things can happen.  Imagine you're out running and something happens that renders you unable to communicate with anyone who could come to your aid (heart attack, car crash, fall and hit your head) - how would they know what to do?  Unless you're running with a close family member who has some level of responsibility for your welfare, it would be hard to know.

Enter Road ID - a way to visibly carry pertinent information about you and contact information for those who most need to know what happens to you.  Mine (Wrist ID Elite) has my name, birth year, town and state where I live, key phone numbers, allergies, and blood type.  It has a rubbery pink band with a secure metal clasp.  Personally, I think it's pretty stylish!  If you get a rubber version, you just cut off the excess, so there are no sizes to worry about.
This will give you an idea of size for the Wrist ID Elite.
Clasp of the Wrist ID Elite.
Of course, the possibilities are endless - check their website for the full lineup (  There is now a slimmer version of mine available (see image below), and they also come in a "sport" band (more mesh-like).  For those who want to avoid an extra tan line, they also make tags that will fit onto your existing Fitbit, Apple Watch, or Garmin vivosmart.  There are even military-style dog tags (called the FIXX ID) for those who are infinitely cooler than me, and shoe tags.  Did I mention they even have tags that can go on your dog's collar?  The end to Fido's clanging dog tags!
Slimmer version of mine (Road ID)
Definitely check their website for all options and products because there are ton of products/services depending on your activities and preferences.  To really personalize your Road ID, you can add those narrow bands (some have words, race distances, or pictures) to tell the world a little more about you.  Having this information readily accessible for responders and medical professionals can save critical time.

And in case you didn't catch it in the above picture, it's incredibly reasonably priced.  When I just clicked into their website, I even got an offer for free shipping.  First responders also get 50% off with their "hero's discount" and Road ID donates money to first responder charities for first responders who get "Road ID Certified."
Donations as reported by Road ID, 7/31/16.
So be careful and aware when you run, but it's also smart to be prepared for the worst.  Make it as easy as possible for anyone trying to help you to know any key medical information and/or who to call for you.  With this peace of mind, you can really focus on your run.  It also makes a great gift for those active people in your life.  So stay safe out there and happy running!

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